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NU Sensuelle Pleasure Panty Rechargeable and Remote Control


NU Sensuelle have manufactured an amazing new product – a small rechargeable Bullet and rechargeable Remote with Adjustable Panties.

I personally have checked out this item and this my opinion.

The Pleasure Panty is the Nu Sensuelle JOIE but with a remote control.  The JOIE is a rechargeable bullet size is 6.5 cm in length and 1.9 cm in diameter which is the exact size of small bullets that fit in Cock Rings, Feeldoes, Harnesses etc.

The bullet and the remote is coated in a combination of ABS / Silicone which makes them sleek and comfort to the touch.

The bullet is extremely powerful with the 15 functions which is actually 4 speeds and 15 functions of pulsations and modes.

The item needs to be charged for a minimum of 2 hours before you can use the units and both units need to be charged.  The bullet is charged via a magnetic connection to a USB charger whereas the charge for the remote is via a unit inserted in the bottom end of the remote, therefore making the remote splash proof and the bullet is waterproof.

The main difference between the regular JOIE and this Remote Control Pleasure Unit is that you cannot turn the bullet on or off by itself, it only turns on and off with the remote control unit.  Therefore if you lose the remote you cannot turn on the bullet.

The remote control bullet does have a cord so it can be turned on and off and changed functions with the remote.  The cord is waterproof but be careful not to pull on the cord as it is designed well but its not bulletproof in the event you pull the cord hard which means that the remote will not be able to turn on the bullet.

The panties are a black lace with a pouch in the vaginal area to fit the bullet and the cord.  They are tied on each side therefore you can adjust them based on your personal size.  The back part of the panties is more like a thong design than a panty.

The distance the remote via the bullet is over 20 feet in open spaces, once you are in another room then the power to change functions is a bit more limited.  Just press down the negative button to turn off the vibration.  I highly suggest once you purchase this item, read the instructions on how to change the functions and turn on and off.

I’m not a huge fan with the NU Sensuelle logo on the remote as makes it look trashy and flashy.

I love the Bullet at this is the popular JOIE size and rechargeable but with a Remote Control and it is still waterproof, small, compact and powerful.  But with both bullets you have to remember to turn them off not just from the vibration but the blue light as well otherwise you will be recharging the bullet sooner than you think.

The panties are cute but I personally prefer to use this unit in a Cock Ring.

I worry about losing the remote as then the bullet will not work.

The packaging is well designed with a magnetic clasp to open and close.

Over all, for a Remote Control Rechargeable Bullet it is one of the best I have seen in a long time so I definitely recommend it.

Here are all the stat details on the unit.


  • 15 Functions
  • USB Rechargeable Bullet
  • USB Rechargeable Remote Control
  • USB Charge
  • Charge time = 2 hours
  • Running time = 25-50 minutes
  • ABS bullet coated in Medical grade silicone
  • 100% Waterproof (submergible)
  • Black Cotton panty with Lace detail and side ties (one size fits most)
  • Amazingly Powerful, yet discreet and quiet
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Toy bag included
  • Available in Purple or Pink – the panties are black lace.
  • sensuelle-pleasure-pantypleasurepanties

2 comments on “NU Sensuelle Pleasure Panty Rechargeable and Remote Control

  1. can you find a replacement remote or a phone ap or online ap that can turn it on? the remote broke…

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