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Don’t fall for a Scab Man my opinion only

This is my Blog Post on Scab Men and don’t fall for one or you’ll find yourself in Hell.

Being called a Scab is your average 9 to 5, 40-50 year old guy who usually works in that extreme dead-end job and has extra, extra bullshit of baggage.

These men had dreams and ambitions of doing wonderful things with their life but all it came down to was a beer belly, the job he bitches about and the baggage from the past relationships and yes they are single, or they say they are single but they haven’t had sex with their wives since last year or can’t get it up.

So what happened to these ambition 20 year olds who had a passion for life yet once they hit late 30’s or early 40’s realized it all went to shit and their life became a living hell.

Welcome to aging gracefully – NOT.

Scabs at first are super nice guys but weak in the mind and lack of ambition.  Sure they are great to chat with and incredibly entertaining but they all lack that drive and motivation that we, women find attractive and desirable.

These Scabs show up at work day after day with the motivation of a dead horse complaining about the lack of conditions and calling out the poor me while claiming to say that they care about their job and their career choice but you know the real reason is that they just need the job.

They needed that job as they have baby momma drama or otherwise called ex-drama – Christ – why is it that they all have evil ex-girlfriends who did them wrong when you know that they were the ones with the real problem in the relationship.

The problem being their lack of emotion to anything but themselves.  I love the single parent Scabs who claim to be there for their child as their child is the most important thing in their life.

Scabs are sure that the other parent do not spend more time with the child as then that child will not become a mini-me of the Scab also the ex is ‘super evil’.  But they according to a Scab, all of their Exes are evil as they have been wronged by them.

The Scab’s wrong doing in life is due to bad Karma and to the choices they made.

So now about Sex with a Scab – honestly how the fuck would I know, as I don’t fuck Scabs.

Scabs are so full of insecurities and lies about their own life and their past Sex Life that they suck in Bed as it is always about them.

Scabs love to gossip and chat, which I wonder if they are gay as real men don’t chat on the phone.  All you have to do it tell them exactly what they want to hear about themselves to get them to like you.  But do you mean it – fuck NO and it is not like you and a Scab will never hook up as they will always find endless excuses about their life their drama etc.

I know this sounds harsh but it is the truth trust me I’m not kidding and I’m not being mean I’m just telling you how it is.  Who wants to hook up with a Scab.

Now if you find yourself in a relationship with a Scab – fuckin run.  And run fast cuz you will hit 50 years of age when a Scab turns into a nasty old man.  You know the type who works everyday, always in debt, lets the beer gut go into the full on ‘santa belly’.

Forget sex as seriously he hasn’t seen his dick in a decade so how can he use it or any other sexual skill, but he will always be there if you want to give him a Hand Job or Blow Job. Honestly, he doesn’t even know what his dick looks like anymore.

Scabs become bitter old men and ladies you deserve a man who will treat you well into your older age.  Of course the same can be said about bitter older women as well.

So if you don’t want to turn into a Scab then do the things that you like to do and if you say something follow through with your plans, just do it, don’t think about it, just do it.

Keep those dreams and ambitions alive and start living a fun life – just do it and enjoy life. Don’t fail for the lies and live in hell with a Scab Man.

Remember this Blog is my opinion and Post is only my personal thoughts.












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