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Why it is important for Women to Masturbate

Why is masturbation important for women?

Because it is healthy!!!!

Masturbation isn’t just for the single gal because she doesn’t have a boyfriend or if your partner is not around.

Masturbation is so important for all women because it is healthy for our body and piece of mind.

For the body it helps release positive endorphins when an orgasm is achieved.  For a woman to masturbate it can be done without a lot of physical effort especially when using a vibrator!!!

Many women receive orgasms via the clitoris and the process is so simple just place a vibrator on the clitoris and let the vibrator do all the work.  In many cases only a few minutes and finished.  Simple, quick and easy.

Not only is masturbation help the female body release endorphins but it helps the uterus release the monthly blood females need to extract from the body.  In simple words; helps with your period to be released from the body including helping the lower back pains.

Masturbation also helps with mental health as once a female achieves an orgasm – those endorphins help the mind become more positive.  The more positive energy and mind helps us gain more energy towards others and upon ourselves.

Therefore ladies masturbate more as it is healthy for the mind and body.

Our next post will be on How to masturbate properly and where to touch yourself!!!

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