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The WeVibe 4 Plus Review

The WeVibe 4 Plus is now available in Canada, and I spent most of day working on the details for this WeVibe product.

The WeVibe 4 Plus ROCKS if you are updated on your Smartphone and want one of the best Couples Remote Vibrator I have seen to date.

We Vibe 4 Plus - with App!!!
We Vibe 4 Plus – with App!!!

The WeVibe 4 Plus comes with an APP which can be uploaded as long as you have a newer model Smartphone and newer Bluebooth option.

This App is really easy to download if you have the right phone, so I full recommend that you upload the APP and the details at the store or home party before you purchase and commit to this product, as if you purchase this product and your phone can not load the APP, this product SUCKS as you can’t use all the extra features.  Also the We Vibe 4 Plus is $30.00 more than the WeVibe 4.

This is a list of details to successful use the APP and the WeVibe 4Plus


Works with Bluetooth® Smart
Ready devices (Bluetooth 4.0
or greater)

Compatible Devices

iPhone 4s and newer
iPod Touch 5th Gen and newer
iPad 3rd Gen and newer
iPad mini and newer

Select Android™ devices:
Android 4.3 and later
Bluetooth Smart Ready


Smartphone remote control
requires active Bluetooth

Distance/shared remote control
requires active WiFi or cellular
data (3G/4G/LTE) connections
on both devices.


We-Connect is available in
English, Chinese/Mandarin,
Czech, Dutch, French, German,
Japanese, Polish, Portuguese,
Russian and Spanish.

We Vibe 4 Plus
We Vibe 4 Plus

What I love about this APP is that you can change the Intensity of either the Clitoral or the GSpot Vibration.

Since the WeVibes have 2 motors the APP has split the vibrators up so you can change the intensity of one motor over the other motor.

This is perfect for someone who prefers more vibration on the clitoris than the internal g-spot section.

I loved this feature as it is cool that you change one section of the WeVibe.

Also the WeVibe 4 Plus has more settings –  10 in total which is fantastic if you like more functions.

The feature I loved is that you can create your own Vibrating Functions under Create My Vibe where you can choose your favourite function, intensity and the bonus is the duration!!!!

I love that you can set the We Vibe 4 Plus to a timer!!!!

In addition if you want your Lover to work the APP you must make sure that your Lover Smartphone has the option to Upload the APP as well – the connect is via Text or Email, but your Lover must have an updated Smartphone as well.

Another couple of options I am looking into is if with the Create My Vibe section of the APP can link to  your Music APP which is what I am working on and I will keep you posted.  Very cool if you can program music to go with it!!!!  Bonus but more research is needed.

You can register your WeVibe 4 Plus under Settings and also where you purchased your unit but I don’t know if that means that the company Standard Innovation then has all your warranty information directly or you still go through your Retailer.  The warranty is for one year!!!

I also love that you can link your APP to different WeVibes 4 Plus (only one unit at a time) but all you have to do it sync the APP to any WeVibe 4 Plus nearby and yes I tried to link to a regular WeVibe 4 and it does not work.  But I tried!!!

I think the WeVibe 4 Plus is very cool very similar to the WeVibe 4 but the APP is the extra feature therefore if you can not download the APP to your phone, then the WeVibe 4 Plus is not worth the extra funds.

I am a huge fan of the WeVibe 4 Plus if you can use the APP, as this item is the perfect solo toy, couples toy, the vibrating panties and the perfect blow job toy for her – it is an all-in-one vibrator for the gal!!!!

I offer WeVibe 4 Plus via our Home Parties and Online at http://www.toyzforsex.com for $190.00 available in Purple, Pink and Slade.  Contact me at laskamaria@yahoo.ca or text 604-657-7840.  Enjoy!!!

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