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What’s the Deal With Vibrating Panties?

This is a great Blog post about the Vibrating Panties however my opinion for the best Vibrating Panty unit is the WeVibe 4 as it sits inside a women like a C-Shaped and then she can wear any panties or no panties. The remote is amazing and the products is silicone and completely waterproof. The We-Vibe 4 is my recommendation for Vibrating Panties with a Remote Control!!!

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Get a thrill out of being sneaky and getting it on in public? I don’t blame you one little bit. The taboo of orgasming in public runs deep, and defying that social moray can be extremely titillating– especially if it derives from being all a-buzz in your britches.

You’ve seen them in movies, on TV and maybe even while grinding in the club– a woman is chillin,’ minding her business, when she suddenly looks as though her lifelong crush donned an invisibility cloak and is expertly licking her clit. You watch as her face contorts to display wave after wave of ecstasy, seemingly for no discernible reason. This, my friends, is the awesome power of the remote controlled vibrating panty.

Who and When

They may seem like a novelty, but these babies are great for rekindling a romance or as a tool for control and as a means of hands-free

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