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It’s March in Vancouver, BC – Summer – can’t wait for Wreck Beach

It’s March in Vancouver, BC and of course it is raining and grey which is typical Vancouver weather but I shouldn’t complain since the rest of Canada has been under snow for months now.

But its March and I’m looking forward to the sun and blue skies in Vancouver and then summer time and hanging out at the popular Nude Beach – Wreck Beach.

Wreck Beach is an icon here in Vancouver, BC.  Where else is there a nude beach 10 minutes from the city centre of a major city.

If you have never been to Wreck Beach it is easy to find – just head to UBC – the University of British Columbia and then walk to the edge of the campus which is where the shore meets the ocean.  Down the incredibly step stairs to the beach and ocean which is a really nice walk since you feel that you have been transported out of the city into the woods then down to the beach.

The nice thing about Wreck is that it is surrounded by ocean and a huge cliff so you feel isolated from the city yet you are so close to the city of Vancouver.

Wreck Beach is like being in a different world with so many free spirited people just hanging out – socializing and tanning without suntan lines.  Wreck Beach is fun – you should definitely try it out this summer and here I am writing about it and it is March and I can’t wait for SUMMER AT WRECK BEACH!!!

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