How to Masturbate – the Clitoris !!!!

At many of our parties via Parties with a Sexy Twist and Sex Ed with a Twist – women ask how to masturbate properly – what techniques can help improve their orgasms.  So this Blog Post has some tips and techniques for you.

First, masturbation is natural and in North America and the first world nations we have made masturbation for women a questionable act.  However in many countries – masturbation is natural for women to help relieve stress and help muscle development in the vaginal canal due to child-birth, excessive weight gain, etc.

Masturbation is not just for the single gal – all women should masturbate – single or in a relationship.

Manual masturbation is fantastic and even though I sell vibrators I still encourage manual masturbation or masturbation via the shower or water.  However vibrators can help a woman achieve an orgasm quick and easy.

Many women find that they achieve orgasms via the clitoris as they enjoy internal orgasms via their partner during penetration, therefore many women only masturbate via the clitoris.

The clitoris has so many sensitive nerve ending and during stimulation these nerve endings release an orgasm very easily.

This type of orgasm is so beneficial as it helps contracts the vaginal muscles, release the monthly blood flow from the uterus, helps stimulate blood throughout the body and creates positive energy through the release of endorphins from the orgasm.

So the how do many women masturbate the clitoris is with a simple vibrator – either a small bullet shape vibrator or any size vibrator by touching the clitoris.

Masturbation Manual for the Clitoris - where to touch yourself

Masturbation Manual for the Clitoris – where to touch yourself and how to hold the vibrator – some suggestions

Some of the methods are direct touching the clitoris and rubbing or rolling a vibrator from side to side or up and down on the clitoris.

Simple techniques but one important thing to remember is to relax all the parts of the body as so many women ‘hold their breath’ when masturbating or ‘clench’ their hands around the vibrator in a locking position which can cause pain and tension.

The more relaxed the position, the more heightened the orgasm experience can be – when you are tense and stiffen any muscles within the body then your orgasm will be shortened and less tense.

The area around the clitoris is also very sensitive and based on which side of the body releases the monthly egg then that side around the clitoris and vagina lips are more sensitive.  Therefore some women experience intense sensation on different sides of the clitoris and vagina lips which changes month by month – you can usually tell which side is more sensitive by looking in the mirror after an orgasm you can see one side of the vagina lips are more engorged than the other side.

Side note: when the vagina lips are engorged after a clitoral orgasm it is easier for a woman to shave and wax the lips and vagina areas making the area smooth with less razor burn or ingrown hairs or red bumps to skin irritation.

Also as a women ages weight around the lower stomach or around the hips can change drastically and this changes the way a women masturbates.  The amount of weight around the woman’s lower waist can affect masturbation techniques and results.  Therefore the masturbation position will change over time, some women lie straight back, others in an incline, some doggy style, standing up, etc.

Over the years your masturbation position will change and this is completely normal therefore changing vibrators, techniques, positions etc are all normal – just remember to relax all the other parts of your body during masturbation so you can experience the full orgasmic experience.

So your clitoris should be stimulated on a regular basis.

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Our next Blog post will be Using Sex Toys or Masturbation should not harm your Sexual Relationship!!!



Thick Vibrators versus Thin Vibrators

Usually uses AAA batteries or AA stacked or Cell Batteries - thin but still powerful

Usually uses AAA batteries or AA stacked or Cell Batteries – thin but still powerful

Thick Vibrators versus Thin Vibrators for internal vaginal vibration – why would you prefer one over then other?

Well Thick Vibrators are vibrators with girth – some are quite thick in girth and designed out our latex, jelly or silicone.

The reason why you would prefer a thick vibrator is because you want the vibration to vibrator the whole vagina canal.  Some women like the vibration from a thick vibrator.  Remember that the vibration can be called ‘exercising the vaginal canal’.

There is a purpose to the thickness which is for all sides around the vaginal canal to be vibrated at the same time.

Some women find that when using a thick girth vibrator that the squeeze their vaginal muscles from the anus instead of from the G-spot and the vaginal wall underneath the pelvic wall which many women find as the more orgasmic area within the vaginal wall.

The other women find that the thick girth of a vibrator vibrates more towards the anus then the front part of the vaginal wall.  You would know this if when using a thicker vibrator vaginal that you are squeezing from your anus as you are vibrating and exercising the vagina wall around your anus.  Some women do not want so much vibration towards the anus.

If you want to exercise or vibrate the front wall of your vagina canal then use a thinner vibrator internally.

The thinner or more flexible the vibrator is then you can “reach” the G-Spot and the front of the Vagina Wall or us towards the cervix.

Everyone is different on exactly what they want to vibrate and some women like to change it up but you don’t know until you try a thin and a thick vibrator so try both – why not it is fun to explore.

Thick vibrators use C batteries, or 2 AA batteries sitting side by side - they are thick in girth

Thick vibrators use C batteries, or 2 AA batteries sitting side by side – they are thick in girth

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