Taboo Vancouver 2014 Wrap Up Comments

Finally I have had a few moments to myself so I can write a Blog post about this past weekend Taboo Naughty But Nice Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre Thursday, January 30 to Sunday February 2, 2014.

I had a great time at the Taboo Vancouver Show even if I seem to be stuck in a corner talking and talking about products and describing how cock rings work to the thousands of people who visit the show.

I enjoyed the crowd this year, even thou they are younger but then that is what the younger people are into. Also with the amount of social media and main stream younger radio station advertisements the Taboo Show directed to, the young couples were out in droves.

A fact, believe it or not but Ron Jeremy was at the show on the Saturday and Sunday and he once told me that his audience are young – under 30 year of ages who are his biggest fans.

On the Friday and Saturday night was Alexis Texas – AVN 2013 Great Ass of the Year Performer who has over half a million followers on her Twitter Account and huge Internet following.

There were definitely some memorable moments and vendors from the Taboo Vancouver Show.

I loved the Oxygen Bar with all their different colours of Oxygen you can get ‘hooked up to’. The prices were good and it is nice to sit back and get a little Oxygen. (see the picture below).

If you wanted to sit and relax there were a couple of booths set up with Massage chairs so you can rest and get a nice Back Massage.

I loved the Smoke Kingdom booth with all their Smoke equipment from Vaporizers, Glass Pipes, Rolling Papers and Novelty Joke Gifts.

Westcoast Piercing and Tattoo usually set up their trailer and yes they can tattoo you and pierce you right there. Very professional with lots of options.

You have to love the Adult Novelty Vendors as it is a Sex Show so there are many booths, selling Sex Toys, Lubricants and Lingerie.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming with so many booths offering the same products over and over. But there are thousands of different types of vibrators and hundreds of lubricant brands so what do you expect, something different for anyone.

The Dungeon at the Taboo Vancouver Show is pretty impressive with so many different “scenes’ going on that in one corner you have flogging, the rope work, Erotic Art, Fire Play, you name we have in at the Taboo Vancouver Show- which is why the Fetish Scene in Vancouver is very popular.  See the picture of the Girls from Sin City.

Also there were lots of Eye Candy for the Ladies with Brent Ray Fraser Erotic Art Show and the Male Strippers from BodyHeat.  You have to love the Eye Candy ladies.  See below.

And before I publish this Post the last pictures are of the Girls from the E-Sensual booth doing nasty things to our Betty Bo and hanging out with the Taboo Show Mascot!!!  Good times, for sure for sure!!  See you next year!!!







December is exciting with New Sex Toys, Wreck Beach Parties and Social Media

So far December 2013, has been busy for me.  So much work at the store and than social media contracts and my favourite –  Sex Toy Parties.  I love the Sex Toy Parties as they are the best of my business and the one area I enjoy the most.  The past few weeks the Sex Toy Parties have been a blast.

There is nothing more exciting than watching a few women – oh and ah – over the newest Sex Toys, Lubricants, Position and Bondage Straps and the newest Blow Job tasty treats.  Sex Toy Parties are a lot of fun, and the parties that I do are fun but educational and real!!!  Yes we talk about the topics that are the most uncomfortable topics about sex you think about but never communicate about.

In addition to passing around the Sex Toys and Lubricants you must have drinks and the drinks and finger food are the best.  I have seen amazing drinks from Jello Shots made of out a mixture of cocktails, Chocolate Covered Amaretto Soaked Strawberries to a full Chocolate Fountain and Hot Chocolate and Popcorn Bar!!!  The possibilities for entertaining during a Sex Toy Party is amazing and some of my clients are so creative.

But this month wasn’t just about Sex Toy Parties it was also about fun entertaining ideas with Social Media – with RT contests via Twitter, so many Facebook Contests, Page Likes and Coupons.  I love coupons and specially through the power of Social Media.  In addition Pinterest is getting on board with so many contests, giveaways and such some fun ideas.  And that is what Social media is all about – fun ideas and learning what is new in the market and what works best.  I have seen the reviews on the new WeVibe 4 vibrators and love all the videos and information that is available.  Also I am very impressed with the amount of Organic Lubricants coming on the market with very reasonable pricing.  Very impressed.

But last about my personal life, I have to say I have not spent as much time with the boyfriend as I would like but we have had some fun evenings, from an amazing walk around downtown Vancouver – checking out all the Christmas lights and cute boutique stores and of course we love sharing a Pumpkin Cheesecake desserts and other Christmas style goodies.

But last weekend we attended the Wreck Beach Christmas Party and we had a blast so many people and great music.  I love it when bands play and so many good friends I have met at Wreck Beach this year – good people, good friends – even though I don’t see you to often with your clothes on – I can still recognize the Wreck Beach People!!!!  So much fun!!!!

Stay tuned as January 2014 is going to be busy for me with the Vancouver Taboo Sex Show coming up and one of my favourite people with be there – Ron Jeremy!!!!  Blog with you soon!!!!