Bachelorette Party Season in Vancouver

Yes we can offer Sex Toy Parties, Sex Ed Seminars for your Bachelorette Party

Yes we can offer Sex Toy Parties, Sex Ed Seminars for your Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party Season and Wedding Season is upon us!!!

I offer Sex Toy parties for Bachorette / Stagette parties, however, I specialize in the education of sex toys.

The Bachelorette / Stagette Sex Toy Parties that I help organize are concentrated on learning new techniques, understanding sex toys, adding products to blow job and hand jobs and how adding sex toys can spice up a sex life.  Maybe a Blow Job Seminar mixed with Some Sex Position Class would be the perfect during the Bachelorette Party.

I do not charge for hosting a party or set any minimums for hosting a Basic Sex Toy Party based around Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The seminar on a Basic Sex Toy Party lasts 30 – 45 minutes concentrating on the Sex Toys.

But you can added an Advanced Seminar to your Basic Toy Party for your Bachelorette / Stagette Party.

I can offer you a longer seminar – a combination of the Blow Job / Hand Job Techniques mixed with the Position Seminar therefore adding your Seminar to 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours in length.

Basic price starts at $80.00 based on location and number of people.

Call me direct for added cost or waving the discount based on sales or we can work out a plan for your Bachelorette / Stagette Party, as each party is different.

Call me or TEXT ME at:  604-657-7840   – to discuss your Party or Seminar or email me: – it’s Bachelorette Party Season and lets organize a fantastic event!!!!

Stagette / Bachelorette Parties or Hen's Night Out Party - I can help organize call me

Stagette / Bachelorette Parties or Hen’s Night Out Party – I can help organize call me

Planning on Hosting a SEX TOY Party or SEX ED Seminar for a Bachelorette Party??

It’s Spring, well it is coming soon to Vancouver, BC, Canada and that means it is Bachelorette Party Season!!!

YES, Sex Ed with a Twist does those SEX TOY PARTIES & SEX ED SEMINARS for Bachelorette Parties.

I specialize in some fun yet tasteful Sex Education for you and your girlfriends while showing you some fun Sex Toys.

I mix the Sex Ed Seminars with the Sex Toys so there is no extra costs and huge minimums as I want you and your guests to have fun, learn something new.

My Blow Job seminar discusses different techniques with and without Sex Toys and Lubricants have always been popular for Bachelorette Parties. The products I offer with Blow Job classes are very reasonable priced with Hand Job rings at $4.00, Lubricants between $10-$20.00 a bottle, Blow job candies from $1.00 to $5.00 and of course our popular product the Black Holster and One Touch Bullet for $20.00 which I will discuss how to vibrate his balls and shaft during a Blow Job.

The Sex Position seminar is very popular as I discuss what products help reach your G-Spot and Clitoris. We discuss all the angles and how to use basic furniture in the bedroom to help improve your favourite sex position. And of course we discuss the popular Holster & One Touch Bullet to use for when you are on top or Doggie Style all for $20.00. Also I have the We-Vibe couples toys, 3 and 4 – prices between $140.00 – $160.00.  Also there are a selection of straps and pillows to help you achieve the best angles!!!

Last I don’t forget about the Bride-to-be so of course she receives a discount on exactly what she wants – many of the guests pool together to ensure she receives a good selection of Sex Toys and Products to make the beginning of her marriage memorable.

So if in Vancouver, BC, Canada area call me at 604-657-7840 or email me at or fill out the form below. Looking forward to helping you organize a memorable and fun Bachelorette Party.