Trust me – You have to have a SEX TOY Party with me!!!

Simple title but trust me you have to book a SEX TOY PARTY with me because I will teach you techniques and ideas that will improve your sex life!!!

I just got back from the Taboo Sex Show in Red Deer and I had a blast –  I met so many couples, individuals, women who needs some SEX ED on the basic techniques when it comes to SEX.

Basic techniques are simple techniques and ideas – for example do you know that if your feet and fingers are in relaxed positions and positive angles that it could increase your orgasm strength and quality???  Something so simple like improving your Body Angles can improve your orgasms.

Do you know how to hold a vibrator?  Do you know what types of vibrations are available or what??  What vibrator or sex toy will work for different people based on personal wants and desires??

If you are having problems answering any of these questions then you need to have a SEX TOY PARTY with me because I will teach you techniques and ideas to change your sex life with and without sex toys!!!

My SEX TOY PARTIES are educational but I present in a humorous manner that makes it fun and yet tasteful but realistic.

BOOK A SEX TOY PARTY with me, Laska –  available in VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA and surrounding areas.

Why not Host a Sex Toy Party

Why not Host a Sex Toy Party

Heart Sex: Increasing Sexual Intimacy by Creating Emotional Intimacy

Great Blog Post about increasing Sexual Intimacy – I completely believe that you have to do so much more than just sex as intimacy is about the touch and the beating of the heart. I really enjoyed this Blog Post!!!

Heart Sex: Increasing Sexual Intimacy by Creating Emotional Intimacy.

Fifty Shades Of Fucking/Lets Talk About Sex Baby

Fifty Shades Of Fucking/Lets Talk About Sex Baby.

This post is really good – it actually made me laugh especially since the point of view was simple, honest and raw!!

I think the curious factor on fetish and role playing is one area that has taken a new high with different scenario that would make anyone blush.

And the comment on Sex Toys – I am one of those Sex Toy Educators via Sex Toy Parties and the comments about what a woman wants from choking on a cock rammed down her throat which might taste and numb the feeling like drinking a Pina Colada to how many inches can I fit between both my vagina and my anus. I am shocked but very open minded to these comments and questions but we as a society have expanded our sexual minds into a new frontier!!!

The One Topic No One wants to Discuss during a Sex Toy Party

So over the years, there is one topic that everyone encounters during their sex lives but never wants to discuss it.

The topic is: FARTING – Passing Gas – During SEX either Oral or during penetration.

Well, “Passing Gas” during the intense moment of a good orgasm is quite natural. However, since we in North America feel that ‘farting’ is so wrong and rude that many of us are very embarrassed if this occurs. Welcome to the real world where farting is natural.

During a great orgasm – it is hard not to let everything go and be free as a bird, which includes the passing of all natural gases!!!!

Passing gas is natural, many countries accept it and just deal with it. And if it is so wrong not to pass gas during oral or penetration sex, then why is the anus so close to the main sex organ???

So next time you feel the need to ‘pass gas’ during ‘the moment” it is natural and don’t be embarrassed as I would say that the orgasm you just had must have been amazing for you to lose it all!!!!

Add our new Vibrating Beads to your Bullet Controller

One of my favourite sex toys is the vibrating bullet. I prefer the detachable bullet as I can add other bullets or other attachments to the main bullet controller.

I found a new attachment called vibrating beads which are plastic beads with a plastic coated cord. When you plug these Vibrating Balls into any detachable bullet controller you have created Vaginal or Anal Beads!!! The vibrating sensation is as intense as any bullet controller can handle.

I loved added these beads to my Commander controller and use them as Vibrating Ben Wa Balls. There is nothing more exciting than adding an new attachment to you favourite bullet controller.

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