Rechargeable Vibrators Added for our Sex Toy Parties

For our Sex Toy Parties we have added some new rechargeable Vibrators to our inventory and product mix.

Check out these products from Bodi-Spa!!!

Nobi Mao

Nobi Mao

Nobi Shin

Nobi Shin

Nobi Sapo

Nobi Sapo

These vibrators ROCK!!

Magnetic rechargeable therefore completely waterproof.

Quiet yet powerful.

10 Functions

Designed out of Silicone

Excellent price between $80-$100.00 which is an amazing price for a Re-chargeable Vibrator.

Book a Sex Toy Party with us to check out these new vibrators, email me at or text 604-657-7840 for more information

Thick Vibrators versus Thin Vibrators

Usually uses AAA batteries or AA stacked or Cell Batteries - thin but still powerful

Usually uses AAA batteries or AA stacked or Cell Batteries – thin but still powerful

Thick Vibrators versus Thin Vibrators for internal vaginal vibration – why would you prefer one over then other?

Well Thick Vibrators are vibrators with girth – some are quite thick in girth and designed out our latex, jelly or silicone.

The reason why you would prefer a thick vibrator is because you want the vibration to vibrator the whole vagina canal.  Some women like the vibration from a thick vibrator.  Remember that the vibration can be called ‘exercising the vaginal canal’.

There is a purpose to the thickness which is for all sides around the vaginal canal to be vibrated at the same time.

Some women find that when using a thick girth vibrator that the squeeze their vaginal muscles from the anus instead of from the G-spot and the vaginal wall underneath the pelvic wall which many women find as the more orgasmic area within the vaginal wall.

The other women find that the thick girth of a vibrator vibrates more towards the anus then the front part of the vaginal wall.  You would know this if when using a thicker vibrator vaginal that you are squeezing from your anus as you are vibrating and exercising the vagina wall around your anus.  Some women do not want so much vibration towards the anus.

If you want to exercise or vibrate the front wall of your vagina canal then use a thinner vibrator internally.

The thinner or more flexible the vibrator is then you can “reach” the G-Spot and the front of the Vagina Wall or us towards the cervix.

Everyone is different on exactly what they want to vibrate and some women like to change it up but you don’t know until you try a thin and a thick vibrator so try both – why not it is fun to explore.

Thick vibrators use C batteries, or 2 AA batteries sitting side by side - they are thick in girth

Thick vibrators use C batteries, or 2 AA batteries sitting side by side – they are thick in girth

To learn more about what type of Vibrator works best for you – contact me for a Sex Toy Party or Sex Ed Seminar – text 604-657-7840 or email:

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Magic Wands – so many – which one is which??? Magic Wands explained

Magic Wands so many – which to choose??

To start off – the Original Magic Wand otherwise called the Hitachi Magic Wand (the White Wand with the blue Trim), has been on the market for years since the early 1980’s and it became famous from popular Sex Talk personalities and Samantha’s Favourite Vibrator from HBO’s Sex in the City.

The Original Hitachi Magic Wand which has been re-packaged and now called the Magic Wand and it has POWER!!

Of course the Original Magic Wand has power since it was designed as a back massager which you plug into the wall outlet for that extra boost of power!!! You can never go wrong when you have to plug anything into a wall outlet!!!

The Original Wand has the strongest power and vibration I have ever seen on the market in the last 30 years!!!!

The original will always be popular and to ensure that you are purchasing an Original Magic Wand look for the Blue Outline in the detail.   Price should be $70-under a $100.00 – there are many knockoffs out there so be beware as the Original is the best of the best for a Plug In Vibrator for Power!!

The Original Magic Wand is designed out of plastic nothing special like Silicone etc and only comes in the white with blue trim. Simple and true!!!

Lelo from Sweden has introduced their own version of the Wand called the Smart Wand which you can see from the picture below is shown beside the Original Magic Wand.

The Smart Wand from Lelo is a rechargeable vibrator which you plug into the wall unit or a USB port but the Smart Wand is portable. The Smart Wand also comes in different sizes – the white one in the picture is the larger unit – which is also available in Plum and Black as well.

The advantage is that you have functions – from low to high in speed to pulsating and functions in the vibration with an added touch of the Senso Touch which when pressed to the skin the vibration will increase and when removed from the touch of the skin slow down in vibration. The Senso Touch can be beneficial to people with disabilities and mobility issues with their hands and arms as the vibration is only strong when touching certain areas and then the vibration is reduced when away from the body.

The Lelo Smart Wand Large is pricey at over $200.00 each but the Senso Touch function and the soft silicone outer coat can be a bonus.


There are other styles and types of Magic Wands available on the market.

The picture below is of two small sizes of the wand.

The item on the right is from Lelo in Black and the smaller version with the Senso Touch motor and vibration and once again the price is over $150.00 per unit.

The other Wand on the left is new from California Exotics called Embrace Body Wand which is new on the market.

The Embrace Body Wand is reasonably priced at $100.00 and rechargeable with 7 functions but it has dual motors located at each end.  Different – not bad and I really like the price and only available in Black.


California Exotics is introducing a series of Embrace Silicone Rechargeable Vibrators to the market and they are good quality at a good price of $100.00 which is reasonable.

But this Blog Post is about the Magic Wands and I still strongly believe that the Original Magic Wand is the best of the best for vibration and power as it powers from a wall outlet and you can’t beat that type of power.  The cord can be a ‘pain in the ass’ but the vibration, strength and durability of the Magic Wand cannot be beat.

If interested in purchasing the Magic Wand – email me mention you read it via my blog for 20% our regular price for 2014.