True Love is within Yourself

This post is personal and I think so many of you out there can relate so I decided to write it and share as I honestly think that maybe it might help me but others as well.

The writing will not be the best and precise on this post but just go with it.

Love can be with one of the most difficult things to admit to – not just to yourself but to someone else puts you out there in such a raw emotional state.  You found someone who can accept you and all your flaws and imperfections – they just love you for who you are so simple.

And then in one instant – it all goes to shit and who you are is not what they like or want anymore and you feel like who you are is nothing.

That is the time to fucking jump ship and move on because if you think the damage knowing that they don’t like you who are or what you like doing will hurt like a mother fucker for that moment – try doing it years and years and letting it eat you up and making you feel bad over and over and over again until you have nothing left inside and you accept that you are worthless.

Get out, leave and keep trying to find that person who will accept you for exactly who you are.  Do not settle for less as it will ruin who you are inside.  Get out there and love again and again as you have to find that true love within yourself as that is what true love is.

Life is too short not to get what you want out of life and do everything you want to!!!!  Have fun!!!!