Q and A about Parties and Seminars

Questions you may have about In-Home Parties & Seminars


How do I book a party or seminar in Vancouver, BC, Canada?


The process is quite easy, call me at 604-657-7840 and leave a voice message or text message or email me: laskamaria@yahoo.ca.

I, personally answer any questions or concerns you may have and you will get to know me via the telephone as I will be coming into your home and you need to feel comfortable with me and me with you.


I am outside of Vancouver, BC – another city or part of Canada – do you book parties or seminar / workshop?


Yes, I do travel outside of Vancouver, BC, but that is based on location and time etc, please contact me direct for pricing for travel. Call or text me at 604-657-7840 or email me at laskamaria@yahoo.ca


Are there any Deposits or Fees for Booking a Basic Sex Toy Party?


No there are no deposits for booking a Basic Sex Toy Party.


Are there a Fee or Deposit for Booking an Advanced Seminar?


No, there are no upfront deposits, but to add the extra seminar time is an extra fees starting at $100.00 based on your location and seminar, please contact me for details as all seminars are catered to each individual group or if I have to travel outside of the Vancouver area.  Every event is different so contact me direct to discuss your personal event.


Are there a Minimum Number of Guests that should be invited?


For a Basic Sex Toy Party, I do not request a minimum number of guests.

However, the dollar amount discount for Hosting a Party is based on Sales.

For the Seminars, the base rate is $100.00 based on location, during the seminar the timeline seminar increases from 30-45 mins to 1 1/2 – 2 hours and I only focus 50% of the time on the Sex Toys.

Therefore, the less amount of guests for a seminar is better as each guest will get more individual attention.  Also there is no discounts available on the seminar events, but products are available for purchase.


What if I have to cancel?


If you need to cancel or move the date, call me ASAP to discuss and we can arrange another date or cancel.  No problem.


What do I need to get ready to plan a successful party?


All you need to do is confirm the guests, make sure everyone understands that it is a Sex Toy Party and Sexuality will be discussed.

Ensure that there is space for everyone and a table to put out the samples etc.


The purchasing room, where should it be and do I need one?


The purchasing room is usually a bedroom or another living room space where I can set up the store so you and your guests can view all the products and purchase what you like.  I bring all the stock to your party so we need to set up a store, usually on top of a bed.

It can be private room or open area – this is based on what you and your guests feel comfortable with.

What happens is we discuss the idea of private purchases or a open store on the evening of the party and if someone wants to purchase in complete privacy I ask them to quietly ask me and I ensure that privacy is secured for shopping.

But the most important thing is that I work around you and your guests and what makes everyone comfortable.


What do I get for hosting a Basic Sex Toy Party?


I do not set a strict guideline for the Hostess discount.  I have two Hostess discounts available.

  1.  I usually let the Hostess pick out the items that he or she wants and then work on a discount for those items.  For example, a hostess might pick out $80.00 worth of products and I will give a $40.00 plus discount or more based on the sales.I try my best to ensure that the hostess receives what she is looking for.  The discount is based on what is picked as many products are imported by myself and I give very good discounts on my exclusive products.  I give very little discount on books and games.
  2. The Hostess discount is removed and I put together Gift Bags for everyone who attends the party, this way everyone gets something from the party, the bags are retails value of $5.00 or more each.   Many of the Hostesses choose this option for Birthday parties, Bachelorette parties , etc.

The total discount is the same for both, if sales are high over $500.00 and your choice was the Gift Bags I ensure that the Hostess will receive a discount for the sales over $500.00.

The discount program is all based on who you are and ensuring you have a positive experience.  Every party is different so I work around what works for you.


What if a couple of my guests do not want to purchase?


I have no problem with any of your guests who do not purchase that evening or in the future.

I organize my home parties different than other companies where the main focus is on learning about the adult novelties more than the sales.

However based on my prices and the ease and comfort of my discussion many of your guests will purchase something at the party or in the future.


What if a guest wants to purchase at a later date, via catalog or website or telephone?


If anyone wants to purchase at a later date, I offer our website, www.toyzforsex.com which has all the products except the prices are a bit higher than a Home Party.

Many clients view the products online and then call me at 604-657-7840 to order as I will offer you a better price than our online store.

There are no SHIPPING CHARGES in CANADA and payment is via Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and E-transfer.

I do offer a COD option for $8.00 which means you pick up and pay for your order at your local postal office.

I do not have catalogs to give out as this is very expensive and adds to the price of all the items.  I do everything on the website.

If you see another product or something different on any other website I can get ordered in for you and offer you a price quote for any Adult Novelty Sex Toy available in Canada.



If a guest purchases at a later date does that go against a credit for me the host?


Absolutely that goes against future orders or parties you may host in the future.  I always ensure that once a host does a second or third party that I always pass on credits and discounts to her.  I try my best to ensure you receive the credits.


If I the Hostess wants to purchase something at a later date, do I receive a discount?


Yes, I have included a section in the Shopping Card for my Hostesses to order and receive 20% off their order, under the Discount Code type the word: host

This will calculate into your order 20% off.  Simple.


Do you do Bachelorette / Stagette Parties?


Yes, I do these types of parties but they are still educational based, whereas other home party companies are more entertaining that myself.  But please call me direct to discuss to see if we are a good match for a sex toy party.


Do you do Fundraisers or Special Events?


Yes I do, and every party or event is different so contact me direct at 604-657-7840 or email: laskamaria@yahoo.ca


Why should I host a party with you over the other companies?


I am completely independent of other party companies.  There is only me, Laska, who does the parties.  I am not focused on recruiting or just the sales.  My concentration is on education!!!

Just a quick note on other home party companies, Passion Parties, Underwear / Bedroom Magic and Fantasia are all US companies with a branch in Canada.  I am 100% Canadian and not a MLM company.


Are your parties women only or could men or couples attend?


Every party is different so call me to discuss to see if my personality will work with you and your friends.


I try to organize the party for you and your guests so every party is different.


If you have any other questions or concerns call me at 604-657-7840 or email me direct at laskamaria@yahoo.ca

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