Sex Toy Parties with Cannabis and Hallucinogens Education / Girls Night In

Laska’s Tupperware-like Adult Novelties Parties otherwise known as Sex Toy Parties. (Only available in Vancouver, BC, Canada and surrounding areas) 

The twist is that my parties are fun and educational – you will learn something new & exciting and I have added Cannabis and Hallucinogens Education to the seminar!!!

Based in the Vancouver region, In-home Sex Toy Parties with Cannabis and Hallucinogens Education are Free-of-charge within Vancouver, BC

All other areas are based on travel etc and a small charge is applied – email me at or call me at 604-657-7840 to discuss details.

What exactly is Laska’s Parties like?

Laska’s Adult Parties are fairly simple, where you and your friends host a party or small gathering.

In our mix of Sex Toys and Cannabis we start the Party with the Cannabis and Hallucinogens Education.

Cannabis types, Indica, Sativa and Hybrid strains including CBD (the medical part of cannabis) and THC (the part that gets you high).

With Cannabis we discuss the following:

  • Strains to help with Sexuality – and help to relax you for a fun night of Sex with or without your partner.
  • Edibles and Tinctures how to take them without ruining a fun night of Sex!!!  What ingredients you should consider so you don’t ‘Green Out’ before having great sex
  • Topicals – what would work best to help get your muscles into those new sex techniques or help improve the current moves.
  • Vapes – what about them – let’s explain.
  • Cannabis infused Pleasure Oils, Lubricants and Suppositories – learn all about them and how they can help improve the quality of your sex life.

Hallucinogens Education- concentrating on Micro-dosing Magic Mushrooms and LSD – discussing all the different strains available for different experiences from the chocolates, capsules and dried versions.  Also a discussion on LSD micro-dosing.  During our discussion I focus on hormone balances, anxiety, depression etc as it effects female sex drive and basic life routines. (note Hallucinogens are illegal in Canada – our discussion is focused on education to help you make your own decisions to explore)

Then after the Cannabis and Hallucinogens Education we move into the Sex Toys with hints of suggestive Sex Positions to add those Cannabis products into your sex life.

  • I bring all sorts of adult novelties (sex toys) for you to feel and touch.
  • I also bring products for you to purchase and take home that evening and everything comes with batteries.
  • No SHIPPING costs or Handling costs.
  • No long waits for your Orders.
  • I specialize in adult novelties, battery & rechargeable vibrators designed out of Silicone or TPR and Organic Lubricants & Creams.

The length of a Basic Sex Toy Party is 1 1/2 – 2 hours in length from set-up to 30-45 seminar and 1 hour plus for private purchasing etc.

Contact me, at 604-657-7840 or email me at to arrange a convenient time as I get booked up fast especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • During the initial contact, remember to keep in mind who will you invite as I cater the seminars around the people in the room; therefore, themed seminars are welcome.
  • Invite as many people as you can to ensure a good turnout, ( recommend 8 -15 people.) Remember to call your guests a few days before to confirm your turnout.
  • A great mix of friends, women, men, couples, you pick.
  • Give everyone a good idea of what to expect – your guest’s participation should be consensual.

On the Day of the PARTY

  • I will arrive 15 minutes to 1/2 hour before the party start time for set-up. I require space in the presentation area (the main party room) and a small separate room, (the bedroom – on top of a double size bed)  for the store set-up, I bring stock on the evening so your guests can take their purchases home that evening.
  • Your living room will be transformed into a sample room, where the products are available for you to feel, touch and learn about each one.
  • A 30 to 45 minute educational seminar about products and sexuality, educational based, informative yet fun.
  • Then basic questions and chat about sexuality. Then I will direct the party attendees into another room to personal discuss and purchase products in privacy.
  • I will explicitly describe the use of the products in a tasteful manner; however I do not perform demonstrations.
  • You and your guests will receive an experience that you will be talking about for years.
  • Also you could think about an Advanced Seminar for the future. The Seminar Parties are focused on individual attention therefore, the added cost and it is beneficial with limited people 4-8 people only.

Hostess Discount

After all the guests are finished with their orders and purchases the hostess will receive a discount on her purchases for her party based on the sales of the party and what she or he picks out.

I do not give a gift instead you pick what you want and then I give you between $20 to $100 off the price of your purchases.

I keep my pricing very reasonable for all products so everyone benefits from the amazing savings but of course I always work with my hostess to ensure you get exactly what you want.

There is no set discount amount or percentage – I strongly feel you should get exactly what you want.

Basic Rules and Regulations

There are no fees for the basic sex toy party or minimum number of guests (minimum guests which is 8 people are only required for the Christmas and Valentine’s Day season, November 11 – February 14 each year for weekend nights only which is Friday and Saturday night)

If you serve alcohol or cannabis smoking etc at your party, please ensure no drinking or toking and driving will occur.

Please be careful with taking pictures and placing them on Social Media websites – please respect personal boundaries with Social Media – I am fine with pictures of myself.  My company is not responsible for other peoples Social Media pictures from our event.

We will be discussing sexuality therefore please ensure your guests will be open-minded.

All prices include GST AND PST and are set as full dollar amounts.

I take payments of CASH, VISA and MASTERCARD, (payment via Merchant Account – Laskamaria Ent. Ltd.)  Sometimes I will take a cheque, but I do that on ‘gut feeling’.

Sorry I do not take Debit cards but I do accept E-transfer.


I guarantee your privacy and I will never sell, rent or trades your name or information to another business or organization.

All items are send in plain packaging with Laskamaria Ltd. as the return address.

VISA and MasterCard slips will be processed via the company name: Laskamaria Ent Ltd.

I do not take pictures or discuss details on any event via any of my websites or Social Media websites – no details are exposed.

Basic Seminar Discussion covers some of the following issues:

Remember that Sex Toys are novelties – and the word is novelties therefore for fun & excitement – add some spice to your sex life.

Chat about Sex Toys – from two different viewpoints – the single girl and the hetro-sexual relationship girl.

Respecting your partners needs and your needs.

Your time of the month, how it changes with our age how to make it more positive.

Lighting and setting the mood, the basic things many of us forgot, lets get back to the basics.

Anal Sex understanding why Porn has made it mainstream and how is should be a personal educated choice.  I lightly touch on this subject. (Seminar on Anal Sex is available for additional charge)

Sex Positions and /or adding a sex toy to your favourite position.  Including to use pillows, straps and harnesses. Basic positions.  (advanced seminar includes helping you correct your positions and adding items you personal want – additional cost)

How to use the sex toys – from a male and female viewpoint, ie I teach women how to explain to their male partner how to use the toys on them.  Also new techniques with the same sex toy.

Kegal Exercises – how important this exercise and not just for better sex. (more intense seminar available – including breathing & exercise routines – separate seminar which takes 1 – 2 hours)

Oral Sex – how to do a Blow Job or Hand Job with or without Sex Toys – just a couple of techniques (more intense seminar available – all different hand jobs, blow jobs, help with correcting positions etc, additional cost.)

On closing:

And of course my stories and experiences, which are extremely funny.

My discussions change based on who is attending so some topics work and others change, not every party is the same.

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