Sex Seminars and Workshops

Personalized Advanced Seminars & Seminars – ADD to a Basic Sex Toy Party or Full Personalized Educational Seminar.

Prices start at $100.00 per class in the Vancouver area.  (travel and time is added based on location)

Each seminar is custom designed based on the topics below & can be combined:

List of Seminars Available:

  • 50 Shades of Grey Techniques Seminar / Workshop (based on the trilogy)

Now offering a complete Seminar / Workshop on the techniques & products discussed throughout all three books: 50 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades Darker and 50 Shades Freed.

In this 2 – 3  hour seminar / workshop we will go through all the sexual techniques discussed in this popular trilogy.

Details include:

  • The Ben Wa Balls and Silicone Smart Balls in movement, touch & play and hidden desire.
  • The Blindfold and the Grey Tie – losing the sense of sight.
  • The Restraints and Handcuffs – trusting and movement limited to heighten orgasm and desire of sexual satisfaction.
  • The Spreader Bar – how changing the position can intensify the orgasm.
  • The Fur Lined Paddle & Feather tickler – mixed with the sense of pattern, touch and kisses before adding the Flogger.  How the desire for the sense of touch adds to a new level of desire.
  • Butt Plugs and Anal use of products during Vaginal intercourse.
  • Doggy Style position and products that will help achieve heighten orgasms.
  • How Anastasia gave an amazing Blow Job – with added techniques.
  • The sexual positions throughout the book to help increase one’s personal orgasm and find the deep desire within for exploding orgasms based on angles.
  • The vibrators as described in Book 3 and how to add it to your sexual awakening using Vibrators as an added feature with your partner.

Last but not least how to be in control like Anastasia and have the level of sex you have always wanted!!!

All products plus books will be available during the Seminar / Workshop (and I do not give away the plot, I only concentrate on the sexual techniques and positions.)


  • Blow Job & Hand Job Techniques (Women only) 

In my Basic Home Party Seminars we discuss the correct angle of your spine, back and neck and in the intense seminar we will discuss and analysis different body types based on the attendees. More individual attention to correcting your favourite Hand Job/Blow Job position.

We will work on Hand Jobs with lube, without lube, adding sleeves, cock rings and toys and how to use a pump on your man.

Concentrating on different sizes and types of penises and what movements work best for you, therefore the seminar is focused on your questions and situations.

For our Blow Job section, we will focus on the position based on your body type and what type of bedding, furniture etc you currently have.

Then we will work on the Blow Job that works best for you and your partner’s penis.  Including attention to details ie, children, health issues etc.

I will show you how to add toys, lubes, fun food etc to the experience. We will be tasting some treats and lubricants to help enhance the blow job.

We will work with breathing techniques and fun mind games so you don’t “let your mind wander while doing a blow job”.

Lastly, we will chat about adding props, sex furniture, cushions, food, other items around the home to enhance the Hand Job or Blow Job.

You and your girlfriends will have a personalize seminar to what type of penis and what you want to learn from this class.

Remember the more attendees in this seminar – the less individual attention and concentration on personal needs.

  1. Hand Job and BJ class – talk only (only practice on hand job techniques) – alcohol is allowed.
  2. Hand Job and BJ class – practice with hand job techniques and edible penis for BJ techniques – extra costs for products etc for practice session (no alcohol during this class and practice)
  3. Two different styles

Women who are currently in a long-term relationship. – Beyond the Blow Job!!!

Women who are single or just starting a relationship.


  • Sex Positions & Techniques (Women only). 

This is a list of the following positions we will be covering – all focusing on the female form.

  1. Missionary Style – working on lower back, legs and toes.
  2. Doggy Style – correcting lower back and knee positions.
  3. Girl on Top – working with legs, toes and stomach and working the clitoral orgasm.
  4. Reverse Cowgirl – concentrating on breathing techniques and reaching the g-spot.
  5. Ankles on Shoulders – how to have deep penetration and still being comfortable.
  6. Standing Up – how to make this position work.

With the 6 basic positions we will break them apart so that you find each position more comfortable for your personal body type and level of comfort.

We will add products, lubricants, furniture and some paddles, straps etc to each of the 6 positions.

Very educational and concentrated on the female form with individual attention.

Once again the more attendees equal less individual attention.


  • Couples Class A: ORAL SEX for Him and Her – the 69 position!!! (Couples only)

In this seminar we will concentrate on ORAL SEX for him and her individually, and focusing on the 69 Position. The focus will be on both partners in learning new techniques first on Oral Sex..

For the women, we will discuss the Blow Job and Hand Job while her partner is using toys on her or planning on Oral Sex.

Working on the concentration and mind relaxation techniques including fun techniques to keep the Blow Job interesting with different angles with your partner.

We will discuss fun Hand / Job and Blow Job techniques and adding products, lubricants and food etc.

For the men, we will work on the “Yodeling in the Canyon” and what positions work for you and angles to help improve techniques.  Adding edible treats, sex toys, products etc to this Oral Sex technique.

We will discuss tips and tricks to help you improve on “Yodeling in the Canyon”.

Oral Sex – the 69 position – concentrate on body correction and getting more out of this position. Adding Cock Rings, Finger Vibrators and Dildos, including adding lubrication and extra “tasty treats”.

In this class there will be some tasting of treats etc, and some lubricants testing.

Adding new ideas to fun position and helping with getting more comfortable with Oral Sex than before.

In addition added cuffs, straps and kits etc.

A fun seminar for couples to learn together.


  • Couple Class B: Sex Positions for Him and Her – working together. (Couples only)

Then we will discuss the Basic Sex Positions (Basic)

  1. Missionary Style – working with correcting the position, helping with knees, toes and lower back correction.
  2. Doggy Style – correcting the lower back for the women and where the man’s hands should hold on to.
  3. Girl on Top and Reverse Cowgirl – how to move when on top based on your body type and working with male with gaining fully length with penetration.
  4. Standing Up Sex Position and different angles, working with different body types and concentrating on adding new tips and techniques.

Also improving on successful techniques by adding sex toys, lubricants, straps, paddles, etc

I will add a section on sex games, board games and some role playing and fetish items.

And also we will finish the seminar on pornographic movies – couples could watch together. (I cannot sell movies but I will help you find the type of pornographic movies you might enjoy together)

I suggest a few couples for this session, and please ensure that all couples attending are comfortable with discussing sexuality infront of their friends.


  • Kegal Exercises & Breathing Techniques including Masturbation techniques. (Women only)

Concentrating on the the core muscle workout to incorporate Kegal Exercises at the same time.

Discussing self-pleasure as a form of exercising and deep breathing.  Individual concentration and time per person, ensuring techniques work for each person.

Teaching methods for cleanliness of the vagina and “time of the month & hormones”.

Including different vibration and techniques to hold vibrators and toys so elinimate the “death grip” on vibrators.

Including foods & drink suggestions to help with a healthy sex life.

This seminar is longer due to individual “work-out or exercise techniques.”

Different groups for this section – women before childbirth, women after childbirth (either Vaginal or C-section birth), menopausal women.

In this class, I will focus on individual needs and help organize a plan to get the exercises and positive energy flowing.  Notebooks and review including follow-up via email.


  • Deeper Orgasms – finding new techniques, toys and methods to increase the orgasm (Women only)

In this seminar, you must understand masturbation and feel very comfortable with it, alone or with your partner.

In this class, we will explore new ways to increase the length and intensity of your orgasm with or without your partner.

We will work on different “zones” of our body to focus on to help increase the orgasm.

We will work on the different vibration of sex toys and dealing with the “death grip” with sex toys and any cramps and issues with orgasms.

Also working on G-Spot stimulation and working towards “squirting”.

Once again this class works with less attendees as we can work on more individual needs, attention and personalize direction.  And we will be working on a plan to help develop new ideas, exercises and positive energy.  Notebooks and review including follow up via email.


  • Beyond the Blow Job and Basic Sex Positions – for Long-term Relationships (Women only)

This class is designed for women in long-term relationships and they understand their partner extremely well.

Therefore we will be looking at Blow Jobs / Hand Jobs and improving what we already know. (This section is only 1/2 hour long, therefore you should feel very comfortable and confident on your technique as will be touching base on techniques and mix them up with positions and adding some new ideas into the mix.)

We will focus on correcting our body positions and ensuring we have “time” for our sex life.

Concentration will be on learning new techniques for yourself to help keep the passion alive.

Also adding Sex Toys – more advanced sex toys and techniques for couples concentrating on him.  We will be correct holding and handling your sex toys.

We will work on a other areas of your man’s body zone and some new massage and light “whipping and paddle play”.

We will also include role play and fantasies to help keep the passion alive.  Also I will include a little discussion on what type of Porn Movies and information that couples can view together.

We will add some tasty treats, different recipes and adding new lubricants, creams and sexual enhancers to the relationship.

We will be testing G-Spot & Clitorial Creams on our fore-arms to check for allerges etc.

This class is only designed for women in long-term relationships and the class is over 2 hours long.


  • Lubricants & Stimulating (Topical) Products (couples or women only)

In this class, we will discuss the majority of lubricants and stimulating products available within Canada.

We will review and sample over 30 different lubricants and stimulating products for the clitoris, g-spot and penis.

Discussing allergies and personal beliefs, (understanding all the wording on the bottles).

You will come away from this class learning everything you need to know about what products to look for with what ingredients.

In this class will will be touching many lubricants and stimulate products; therefore, your hands will be sticky but there will be lots of handy wipes available.

This class is expensive therefore cost is extra but you will be reviewing many products – more than 30 products and other items.

We will also discuss sex toy materials for allergies and what to look for in the “make-up” of sex toys available on the market.


Last notes & comments on Seminar Topics

These seminars are designed to educate attendees more than the Basic Sex Toy Party and the topics can be combined together or separate based on the focus of your individual seminar package.

My personality is very relaxed and I love humour in many situations; therefore my educational seminars are not rigid or scripted.

I welcome any direction you want for your individual tailored seminar, just let me know what works for you.

This seminar also is perfect for just a couple only, as I will concentrate the complete 2-3 hours to your situation and discuss ideas to improve and create new desires for each other.  Prices start at $80.00 per session based on location and details on your personalized seminar.

Call me direct at 604-657-7840 so I can customize your seminar and date details.

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